Friday, April 19, 2013

God Is Anticipating Your Future!

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I am into Moses' life right now in the Scriptures and some principles are absolutely jumping out at me.  I believe what I am going to share with you today is going to light some of you up!  It could change your life.

Here's the main thought - God is anticipating your future!  When God met with Moses through the burning bush He was not surprised at Moses' reluctance to step into the future God had in mind for him.  God actually anticipated each of Moses' arguments concerning why he was not the person to bring deliverance to the people of Israel.

From my reading I saw God doing several things that not only anticipated Moses' future, but also equipped him for that future.  Here's what I saw:

  • God set a vision before Moses.  He said He was hearing the cry of His people and He was sending Moses to set them free.  He went as far as to say, "After you lead the people out of Egypt, all of you will worship me on this mountain."  Exodus 3:12b (NIV).  What vision is God casting for you?  What is it that you know deep in your guts you must do in your lifetime?  When people remember you, what will they remember you for?  Dear friend, allow God to cast His vision for you.
  • God let Moses know he already had what was needed.  God asked him, "What is that in your hand?"  Exodus 4:2 (NIV).  Moses presented his trusty walking stick.  God asked him to throw it to the ground and it became a snake!  He then said to pick up the snake by its tail (so glad He said tail!) and it became his walking stick again.  What is it that is already in your hand?  What experiences, education, spiritual gifts do you have?  Release them to the Lord - throw them down in a sense - and see how God wants to use them to take you into the plans He has for you.
  • God gave him another leader.  He would not have to walk alone!  When Moses argued with God that he did not have the communication skills necessary for the job of deliverer, God anticipated this as well.  Now, think about this for a moment.  God anticipated that Moses could not do this alone and when Moses voiced this concern God said, "Your brother Aaron, from the family of Levi, is a skilled speaker.  He is already coming to meet you, and he will be happy when he sees you."  This is just astounding.  Moses had not seen any of his family members who were in slavery in Egypt for 40 years.  And now, on this particular day, his brother Aaron was already on his way coming to him.  Folks, I'm telling you something important here today - God is anticipating your future!  Who is the leader level person in your life that God is sending your way?  I think in some of your lives that person has been there for some time, but you simply have not felt confident enough to engage them in a conversation about co-laboring for a God-sized vision.  It's time to go for it. 
Now, before I close I need you to know I'm not just theorizing about this.  I have lived this out many times over my life and even finally pulled the trigger on a decision this morning.  I will be joining with two other leaders on a coaching track that I know will bring great benefit to our church.  Is it costly?  Yes, but I just cannot stay where I am.  Can you?

Pastor Eric

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